Fitting together like cogwheels: Good copywriting and better response

Boost response in B2B
Succesful advertising texts for mechanical engineering, industrial electronics and IT

Innovation does not sell by itself but must be commercialized. Extraordinary products and services from information technology (IT), industrial electronics, telecommunications and mechanical engineering require extraordinary advertising and PR texts without using the discounter or bureaucrats slang.

Getting special attention

A simple listing of technical features does not really work. The solution is to present technical information in both an understandable and emotional manner. It is important to find the right balance between ratio and emotion. Advertising experts agree: Emotion sticks in the memory better. Facts fade fast if they are not connected to emotions, experiences or stories.

Copywriter with 20 years communications experience

Get the best of two worlds – the emotion-driven world of advertising as well as the fact-based world of technology. Profit from my knowledge. Copywriting for sales literature, brochures, technical writing, copy editing, and web site content is my business. Companies like AMD, Amdahl, Audi, BHS Corrugated, Holzherr, KUKA, NSG and Sun Microsystems have already used my copywriting service.

Why high tech enterprises decide in favour of my text service

Only a few copywriters have editorial competence (Specialist publications in the field of mechanical engineering, IT and electronics) and experience in sales of high-tech components (6 years electronic distribution).
Your advantage: I know how to promote high-tech products.

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